Is PristineBlue compatible with other chemicals?

Mixing any chemicals can result in unfavorable results. It is always best to ask a trusted pool store associate or call the product’s manufacturer before combining chemicals. Here are a couple of rules to live by: 1) Never pour chemicals together in the same container, 2) Never add water to chemicals, instead add chemicals to water, 3) Never add chemicals to your pool close to the surface at the same location time after time. It’s best to “take a walk” with your chemical applications and never allow them to contact skin or pool surfaces directly.

We’ve found over the years that PristineBlue is compatible with most chemicals when added to the pool or spa as previously stated. We ARE compatible with chlorine, bromine, and salt chlorine generators.

DEFINITELY DO NOT use the following products with the PristineBlue maintenance system:

  • METAL OUT (products to remove metals, i.e., iron from your water) Call us first.
  • ALGAECIDES (it is unnecessary, and many contain copper which could lead to overdosing)
  • BIGUANIDES (also known by the brands Baquacil* and Soft Swim**)
  • IONIZERS (copper or copper/silver)
Is PristineBlue compatible with D.E., sand or cartridge filters?

PristineBlue is compatible with all of these filtration systems.

What is the shelf life of the PristineBlue product line?***
  • PristineBlue can be used from season to season if stored in a closed container above 32° Fahrenheit.
  • PristineClean, PristineCheck and PristineClear no expiration on effectiveness.
  • PristinePower and PristineExtra2 are most effective if used within 1 year of purchase, but continue to a degree for several years when stored properly.
  • PristineBlue Mini Test Kit reagents and PristineStrips have a shelf life of 2 years.
  • EnzyPure is most effective if used within 2 years of purchase.
Will PristineBlue turn my hair green?

Unfortunately, people with blond or chemically treated hair are susceptible to “swimmer’s hair” regardless of what chemicals the pool is treated with. To prevent swimmer’s hair, always use PristineClean as directed. Wetting chemically treated hair with tap water before swimming and shampooing afterward should be standard practice.

Can I use PristineBlue if my spa has an ozonator or UV?

Yes, PristineBlue is compatible both ozonator and UV systems.

Can I use PristineBlue with any pool surface?

Yes. PristineBlue can be used in all pool surfaces. PristineBlue is not recommended for use in newly constructed or resurfaced plaster pools until your contractor informs you the surface is fully cured.

What happens if I add too much PristineBlue?

To prevent an overdose, do not add PristineBlue except during normal maintenance cycles. Double check your water volume calculation to make sure you are adding the proper amount of PristineBlue. If you suspect your pool or spa is overdosed, see the FAQ section at pristineblue. com. For additional assistance call (844) 908-2848 and ask for PristineBlue Support.

How can I clear up water that is cloudy?

Cloudy water is most commonly caused by improper water balance, inadequate filtration or high calcium hardness. If you experience cloudy water, test water balance and adjust. Shock with PristineExtra2 or oxidize with PristinePower. Increase daily pump run times. For additional assistance call (844) 908-2848 and ask for PristineBlue Support.

Can pool stains be removed?

In many cases, yes. Stains are generally divided into 2 categories: mineral and organic. Mineral stains are caused when metal particles enter the water through hoses, metal equipment, jewelry, zippers, etc. Determine the type of stain by doing a simple test called the “sock test.”

Always test for a mineral stain first.

1. Place a small amount (1/2 cup to 1 cup) of pH decreaser in an old sock and tie it to form a small pouch.

2. Place the sock on the stain for 3 or 4 minutes, using an extension pole to hold the sock in place, remove and discard.

If the stain has lightened or changed color where the sock was placed, the stain is mineral in nature and should be treated according to the suggestions below for mineral stain removal.

If there is no change to the stain, make a similar pouch with a different old sock and 1/2 cup to 1 cup of PristineExtra2. Repeat step 2.

If the stain lightens or changes color, the stain is organic and should be treated according to the suggestions below for organic stain removal.

MINERAL STAINS: Balance the water. Add 3 ounces of PristineClean per 1,000 gallons of pool water and filter for 48 hours. After stain has been removed, rebalance the water, if necessary.

ORGANIC STAINS: Balance the water. Add 1 pound of PristineExtra2 per 10,000 gallons of pool water daily. Run the filter continuously and backwash daily. Test and rebalance the water, if necessary. Do not use the pool until chlorine tests below 3 ppm.

***IMPORTANT: Chemicals can be considered HAZMAT by local authorities. It’s always better to use than throw away. CALL FIRST!

*Baquacil is a registered trademark of Lonza Group LTD. **Soft Swim is a registered trademark of Biolab, Inc. 19

 You should always read the product label carefully for important warnings, dosage information and instructions.