Pool Chemical Safety 101

Jun 7, 2019 | Tips

Careful handling of pool chemicals can prevent dangerous surprises. Keep your water balanced and stay safe this season with these pool chemical safety guidelines:

Add Water First! Always pour water into a container BEFORE adding chemicals. This will help prevent harmful backsplash when you need to dissolve or dilute chemicals.

Wait. When applying multiple PristineBlue products, wait 15 minutes between each application. Apply PristineBlue products at opposite ends of the pool, near a return inlet and away from the skimmer. For all products, always read the label.

Keep ‘em separated! Some chemicals just don’t play well together. Take muriatic acid and chlorine. Put these two together and you’ll get a poisonous gas! If you use muriatic acid to lower your pH level, do not add chlorine to the water at the same time or in the same location. Make sure to store chlorine and muriatic acid separately, too. This will help prevent a reaction from accidental spillage. Again, make sure to read the label instructions.

Don’t Mix Chlorines. Never use trichlor tablets with calcium hypochlorite powders or tablets. Mixing these types of chlorine can cause a chemical fire or explosion. Our Certified Pool Technicians recommend PristineExtra® for regular maintenance.

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