Seven Steps to a Super Spring Opening

Mar 11, 2019 | Tips

Spring is finally coming after crazy cold temperatures in parts of the country. Goodbye, polar vortex! Hello, Marco Polo! To help you get the most out of your pool this season, here’s a quick guide for an easy spring opening.

  1. Open Early. The earlier you open, the better. Algae will start to grow as temperatures start to rise. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve kept up your PristineBlue® level, but an early start will give you plenty of time to tackle any other problems.
  2. Get Your Water Analyzed. It’s always a good idea to know your source water before filling the pool. Bring a sample to your local dealer for a complete analysis. This will help when you balance the water later.
  3. Clean, Remove and Repair Your Cover. Clean the pool deck and cover before removing it. If you have a safety cover, screw down the anchors. Inspect the cover for damages before stowing it. Repair kits are available for small holes in most safety covers.
  4. Inspect, Repair and Prep Your Equipment. Inspect your skimmer, pump and exposed pipes for winter damage. Remove all the freeze plugs. Clean and lubricate the pump lid o-ring. Install your pressure gauge.
  5. Filter, Filter, Filter. If your pump has a multi-port valve, set it to “Waste.” Run the pump for a few minutes to clear out dirty water and debris. Stop the pump, switch to the “Filter” valve and start filtering. Run the filter 24/7 during the start-up process. Vacuum and brush daily until the water clears.
  6. Balance the Water. Add chemicals to adjust your total alkalinity first, then tackle pH and calcium hardness. Here are the recommended levels:
    • Total alkalinity: 50 to 90 ppm
    • pH: 7.2 to 7.6
    • Calcium hardness: 100 to 400 ppm
  7. Add PristineBlue. Instructions for prepping, shocking and adding PristineBlue are available in the Pool & Spa Care Guide or online at

Now you’re ready for Marco Polo. Contact our Certified Pool Technicians if you still have questions. Have a great opening!

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