ESL Launches One-Step Metal Stain Remover for Pools and Spas

Mar 7, 2018 | Tips

Earth Science Laboratories expands its Specialty Chemicals line with the addition of a new metal stain remover for pools and spas.

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas, March 7, 2018 – Earth Science Laboratories has expanded its Specialty Chemicals line with the launch of a one-step metal stain remover for pools and spas. MetalShield entered U.S. distribution in January. The launch follows closely upon last year’s offering of AlgaeShield® and EnzyPurethrough distribution.

MetalShield removes stains caused by iron, copper and other metals commonly present in pool and spa water. It is the latest ESL product to emerge from the company’s active research and development program. ESL’s popular line of PristineBlue® pool and spa care products will remain available exclusively through authorized PristineBlue dealers.

Metals often enter pools through tap water. Tests can show whether tap water contains metals that are likely to stain pool surfaces, but tests are not always conclusive. The large volume of water required to fill a pool can stir sediments that would normally remain in neighborhood pipelines. Other sources of metals include pool equipment parts and lawn fertilizer, which often contains iron.

“Even trace amounts of metal can cause stains” said Doug McKenzie, Business Manager of ESL’s Recreational Water division. “MetalShield uses proprietary technology to control metals. It easily removes metal stains without adding phosphates to the water. This is a powerful addition to ESL’s growing line of products for service professionals and dealers.”

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. creates advanced water treatment products for municipal, agricultural, and recreational waters. ESL’s recreational division manufactures AlgaeShield, MetalShield and the PristineBlue system for residential pools, spas, and hot tubs. Visit to learn more about MetalShield.

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